C-TRend Centre
Computing Translational Research and Development


Highlight from Department of Computer Science (CS)

  • The research of Professors Wynne Hsu and Lee Mong Li on retina image analysis for disease has resulted in more than 50 licenses to hospitals and research institutes worldwide. They are the co-recipients of the 2014 President’s Technology Award.
  • Professor Ooi Beng Chin's team developed SINGA, the first Apache open source platform for deep learning. Apache-SINGA has been applied in many applications in healthcare and FinTech, and is now available in the Amazon marketplace.
  • The research of Associate Professor Ng Teck Khim on augmented reality has resulted in a system that will be launched in September 2017, in partnership with Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Professor Tulika Mitra is collaborating with an ICT industry leader to develop next generation multicore architecture solutions.

Highlight from Department of Information Systems and Analytics (DISA)

  • Associate Professor Huang Ke-Wei's team has been working to develop a digital economy solution for the Singapore Smart Virtual Checkpoint for Global Talent.
  • Associate Professor Goh Khim Yong's team is conducting research in big data analytics and consumer behaviours in the area of omni-channel retailing and marketing.
  • Associate Professor Jack Jiang Zhenhui's team is working on online consumer behaviour, information privacy, and social media impact. In particular, his recent work focuses on video advertising and the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to enhance the sensory experience of virtual stores.